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Belotero Balance is an injectable filler specifically designed to tackle delicate under-eye issues, such as fine lines, dark circles, and hollows. With its hyaluronic acid-based formula, Belotero integrates into the skin to offer natural-looking volume and smoothness, making it a suitable option for the thin, sensitive areas around the eyes.

This treatment not only enhances the under-eye appearance but also stimulates collagen production over time, providing patients with a refreshed, youthful look and minimal downtime.

The Belotero Balance Treatment Process

From consultation to the actual procedure, Belotero Balance treatments are designed with patient comfort and convenience in mind, enhancing the natural beauty of the under eye safely and effectively.

Consultation and Candidate Evaluation

The first step towards a successful Belotero Balance treatment is a thorough consultation, where a clinician evaluates whether a patient is a good candidate for the procedure. During this initial assessment, a detailed discussion about the patient’s medical history, skin concerns, and aesthetic goals takes place. The provider will examine the under-eye area and may discuss various treatment options, ensuring that any chosen approach is adapted to the individual’s specific needs and that all expectations are realistic and achievable. This preparatory step is vital to achieving the desired outcomes safely and effectively.

Injection Procedure

Topical Numbing for Comfort: To maximize comfort during the Belotero Balance injection procedure, a topical anesthetic cream is applied to the treatment area. This numbing step ensures a more relaxing experience, minimizing any discomfort associated with the needle. The cream is usually applied and left to take effect for a short period before the injections begin. The result is a much smoother and patient-friendly process, particularly because the under-eye area can sometimes be more sensitive compared to other facial regions.

Fine Needle Injections: The actual injection process with Belotero Balance employs fine, thin needles that deliver the product with precision and minimal discomfort. These specialized needles allow the provider to place the filler accurately at the required depth beneath the skin, ensuring even distribution and optimal results. The fine needle also mitigates trauma to the skin, which can reduce potential bruising and swelling, allowing the patient to return to normal activities sooner.

Treatment Duration (10-15 Minutes): The Belotero Balance injection procedure is notably quick, with the entire process typically taking only about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. This short duration makes it a convenient option even for those with busy lifestyles. Despite being a brief treatment, the effects are lasting and can make a significant difference in the youthful appearance of the under-eye area. The swift but effective session adds to the appeal of Belotero Balance as an accessible cosmetic treatment with long-term benefits.

Post-Treatment Expectations

Immediate Improvement: One of the alluring aspects of Belotero Balance is the instant enhancement observed post-treatment. Patients can look forward to an immediate softening of fine lines and under-eye hollows right after the procedure. This instant gratification stems from the filler’s ability to occupy space and integrate with the dermal layers upon injection, offering a visual improvement that continues to develop. Mild redness or swelling may be present, but it typically does not detract from the noticeable upliftment and rejuvenation of the under-eye area.

Final Results (2 Weeks): While patients enjoy an instant boost in their appearance, the peak of Belotero Balance’s effect unfolds over the following two weeks. The product continues to settle into the skin’s structure, and any minor post-treatment swelling subsides, revealing the final, refined outcome. It is at this point that patients can truly appreciate the artistry of the treatment – smooth, natural-looking under eyes without revealing signs of intervention. This waiting period allows the product to reach its full potential for a smooth and lasting rejuvenation.

Minimal Downtime: A significant advantage of undergoing Belotero Balance treatment is the minimal downtime involved. Patients can typically resume their daily activities immediately, with no need for a prolonged recovery period. The non-invasive nature of the injections means that most can go about their day without any significant interruption. This convenience is a draw for many seeking cosmetic enhancements without the extended rest that more invasive procedures require.

Longevity of Belotero Balance Results

The enduring effects of Belotero Balance make it a popular choice for those seeking a balance between longevity and natural aesthetics.

Average Duration of Results (6-9 Months)

The results of Belotero Balance are not just immediate but also enduring, with many patients enjoying their revitalized appearance for an average of 6 to 9 months. This duration allows for a significant period during which the under-eye area maintains its youthful and smooth texture without further intervention. Factors such as individual metabolism and lifestyle can influence this timeframe, making each person’s experience somewhat unique. Nonetheless, the extended effects contribute to the filler’s status as a preferred option for under-eye rejuvenation, striking a balance between sustainability and the flexibility to adjust treatment in the future as needed.

Factors Affecting Longevity

Individual Metabolism: The longevity of Belotero Balance results can be significantly influenced by the patient’s individual metabolism. Those with faster metabolic rates may find that the filler dissipates more quickly, as their bodies break down and absorb the hyaluronic acid at an accelerated pace. Conversely, those with slower metabolism may enjoy the results for an extended period, as the product remains intact longer. Personal metabolism is, therefore, a pivotal factor in determining how long the full effects of the treatment will last, dictating the frequency at which one might seek retreatments to maintain their rejuvenated appearance.

Injection Technique: The technique used during the injection also plays a crucial role in how enduring the results of Belotero Balance will be. Experienced practitioners using precise techniques can enhance the filler’s longevity by ensuring optimal placement and depth. Mastery in application ensures that Belotero Balance works in harmony with the skin’s natural structure, allowing for results that not only look better but last longer. Proper technique minimizes the risk of product wastage and ensures that each injection maximizes the potential for sustained effects.

Maintenance Treatments

To maintain the youthful results achieved with Belotero Balance, some patients opt for maintenance treatments. Regularly scheduled appointments, usually around the time when the initial results begin to fade – typically after six to nine months – can extend the benefits of the under-eye rejuvenation. These follow-up treatments tend to require less product than the initial session, as they build upon the previously established foundation of hyaluronic acid. By staying proactive with maintenance treatments, patients can continue to enjoy a refreshed and vibrant appearance without returning to the base level of pre-treatment aging signs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Belotero Balance last under the eyes?

Typically, the effects of Belotero Balance under the eyes last around 6 to 9 months, varying based on individual factors like metabolism and lifestyle.

How much does Belotero Balance cost for under eye treatment?

The cost of Belotero Balance for under eye treatment varies depending on geographic location, the expertise of the injector, and the amount of filler required, but it generally ranges from several hundred to over a thousand dollars per session.

Can Belotero Balance treat dark circles caused by pigmentation?

Belotero Balance is designed to add volume and may improve the appearance of dark circles caused by shadows from hollowing, but it does not directly affect pigmentation.

Is there any downtime after Belotero Balance under eye treatment?

There is minimal to no downtime required after Belotero Balance injections. Most patients can resume normal activities immediately following the treatment.

How many Belotero Balance treatments are needed for optimal results?

Usually, one treatment session of Belotero Balance is sufficient for optimal results, with potential touch-ups or follow-up treatments as necessary.

Can Belotero Balance be dissolved if I don't like the results?

Yes, because it is hyaluronic acid-based, Belotero Balance can be dissolved with an enzyme called hyaluronidase if the results are not to your satisfaction.

Who is a good candidate for Belotero Balance under eye treatment?

Good candidates for Belotero Balance under eye treatment are generally those looking to address moderate to severe under-eye lines, hollows, and dark circles, and do not have any contraindications to the ingredients.

How does Belotero Balance compare to surgery for under eye concerns?

Belotero Balance offers a non-surgical, less invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery with minimal downtime, although the results may not be as dramatic or long-lasting as surgical options.

Can Belotero Balance be used in combination with other fillers?

Yes, Belotero Balance can be used in combination with other fillers for a more comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation adapted to individual needs.


Belotero Balance represents a versatile and minimally invasive option for enhancing the under-eye area and combatting signs of aging. With its ability to integrate smoothly with skin tissues for natural-looking results, minimal downtime, and the flexibility of being combined with other treatments, Belotero Balance offers an adapted solution to those seeking refreshed and rejuvenated eyes. As with all cosmetic treatments, consultation with a qualified professional is key to obtaining optimal outcomes and ensuring safety.

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